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Do you post your work on writing site...

If so, have you found and read their “terms of service.” Not the helpful FAQs they might have, but the down and dirty TOS in all its legal glory.  One writing site I that was recently recommended to me as a “safe” place to post my work says this: However, with respect to Content you […]

Writing Web Content That Works

Writing for the web is easy, when you’ve got the “know-how.” Get the right write advice from the Webmaster and learn how to write web content that works. Picture this. There are three magazines on a table. You pick one up and thumb through the leaves while you wait for your dentist’s assistant to call […]

FAQ – Using a pen name

The use of pen names is a question that frequently comes up in writing groups and on writing sites. I’ve seen writers make the answers far more complex than they need to be.  So, here I’ll try to address the basics. Do I need to use a pen name? No, many authors publish under their own name.  In […]