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Breaking the Blog Block

Is your blog lacking excitement? Not really sure what to blog about today? Even when life stops being exciting and it feels like there’s nothing to blog about, there are many ways to continue connecting with your readers. Here’s some ideas to kick the blog block and get back to entertaining your subscribers. The “Blog […]

How to write a Limerick

Limericks! We’ve all seen them. Scrawled on the bathroom wall, spray-painted on buildings, and even written in dust on my rear windshield. That one was written in loopy, finger-width letters that wiggled in the end. We can only assume the generous author had collapsed into giggles. There once was a car, colored gray That never […]

Writing Web Content That Works

Writing for the web is easy, when you’ve got the “know-how.” Get the right write advice from the Webmaster and learn how to write web content that works. Picture this. There are three magazines on a table. You pick one up and thumb through the leaves while you wait for your dentist’s assistant to call […]