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Breaking the Blog Block

Is your blog lacking excitement? Not really sure what to blog about today? Even when life stops being exciting and it feels like there’s nothing to blog about, there are many ways to continue connecting with your readers. Here’s some ideas to kick the blog block and get back to entertaining your subscribers.

The “Blog Block” can be the result of many things. Here are a few examples:

– I just don’t feel like writing today.
– There’s nothing going on in my life.
– I feel like I’ve written it all before.

Although these may seem like some sound and rational reasons, falling off the blog-wagon is never a good idea. Your subscribers can become disappointed easily and will not hesitate to find something else to read about on the web. There’s plenty out there! If you still want to keep the traffic flowing, you have to keep writing! Let’s take this apart piece by piece.

I just don’t feel like writing today.

There are days when, well, it’s just not a writing sort of day. Maybe you cut your finger and it hurts every time you tap the “R” key. Whatever your reason, writing isn’t always required to keep your blog going. You can post YouTube videos that you connect with. You can link to some interesting sites that you want to share. Or, to cut the writing down to a minimum, try writing in the format of my favorite author, T.M. Shine’s Time Line. Here is an example:

10:59am: Woke up to the silence of no coffee being made.
11:00am: Went back to sleep.
11:24am: Decide to gather my wits,get up and get coffee.
11:25am: Went back to sleep.

Writing in time increments can be a fun exercise and often times can lead to funny outcomes or interesting revelations about your day.

There’s nothing going on in my life.

Even when the daily doldrums have got you down, it’s no big deal. You don’t have to write about what happened today. Try reaching back into the past. Write about a day you remember when something crazy did happen. Or, with their permission, write about a friend’s weird day. Write from the perspective of your dog for the day. Write about how exciting it wasn’t…but what couldĀ  have happened if you had made different choices that morning. It’s not always all about you…but it can still be full of excitement.

I feel like I’ve written it all before.

Seen it. Done it. Bought the T-shirt. Blogged about the T-shirt. Blogged about blogging about the T-shirt. Day after day, some blogs can seem a big repetetive. Even fresh, new content can kind of fall into the rut category, if it has a similar story progression. Here’s a few new ways to freshen up your content.

– Write today’s blog entirely in alliterated sentences.
– Write your human interaction stories like a play or movie script.
– Pose questions in your blog that readers can comment about.

Now that I’ve pointed you bloggers out there back in the right direction, let’s do a little exercise. Log-in to WriterChai.com, and use one of the above techniques to write an interesting comment on this article.